Christine McCorkindale

Christine McCorkindale is a US based Artist.



Known to most of you for her role as Shuna Sassi in Nightbreed, and perhaps for her (uncredited) role as the movement model for Jessica Rabbit’s nightclub scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Chris McCorkindale has been a dancer, model, yoga teacher, slam poet, technology analyst, and environmentalist.

As a professional dancer and yoga teacher, she’s had the opportunity to work in South America, Japan, Italy, Spain, Greece, and the UK. During her time as a dancer in London, she worked on numerous videos, trade shows, and an occasional television show. In addition to daily dance classes, she studied physical theater with David Glass and Peta Lily from 1988 to 1990. She is grateful to David Glass for bringing her in to audition for the role of Shuna Sassi.

After working on Nightbreed, Chris left the dance world and returned to school to study literature, social science, and computer technology, the field she has worked in for the last 20 years. She hopes to eventually return to teaching yoga, and to help others heal themselves through living and eating more consciously.