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Little did I know that my first trip to Memorabilia back in 2000 would start a eighteen year journey travelling up and down the country, queuing at the crack of dawn, at times in the freezing cold, wind and rain, for hours on end to enter Conventions with the ultimate goal of meeting my on screen heroes. Over that time, I have encountered the likes of Bruce Campbell, Robert Englund, Edward Woodward and Reggie Bannister, each one starring in the iconic films I watched as a wide eyed kid addicted to Horror movies that I still love and watch today. These conventions not only allowed me to indulge in my passion of Horror but my love for film and cult TV in general. After a chance encounter with an artist that I had yet to meet, who showed me a desire to attend signing events, I found myself with my first booking as convention agent and now reaching a stage where I would like to help other movies and TV fans meet their on screen idols.

My Goal

Working as your convention agent I will strive to get each artist the best possible deal, working closely with each individual to ensure a pleasant and satisfactory experience. I am currently working with various artists with several organisers, including arguably the largest organisation in the country and hoping to work with many more in the near future.


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