Bao Tieu

Bao Tieu is a UK based Artist.



Bao Tieu was born in Cheshire 1980, growing up he was very ambitious about Martial Arts and Acting. Martial Arts was his foundation, starting in training with Karate, then several years after, moving forward with Wushu Chinese Kung Fu.

After many years of intense training in Kung Fu and getting recognised in many live shows with his Team across the country, he was approached by a talent agency offering him representation in Television and Film.

Ever since graduating as an actor and live martial arts performer, he started getting booked onto action jobs for many Bollywood and Hollywood productions. The films he has been recognised for as an action performer and stunts include titles such as Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, Shareek, Yaar Bankooda ‘Sahir’s Bodyguard’, Knights of the Damned, House of Anubis playing the Character ‘Big Phil’, Sex Blood and Fairy Tales ‘Meng’, King Arthur ‘Londonian Fighter’, Dr Strange, Deliverance, just to name a few.

He spent several years in the US, where he did some film work, including some action and fight choreography for several projects including Sex Blood and Fairy Tales playing the role Meng. The movie went on to win several awards including the Accolade Awards.

After returning to the UK, Bao has been lucky enough to be cast in several profiled commercials including Adidas, and some Block Buster titles, one of which by Steven Spielberg which will be on screen this year and next.

Unfortunately, the titles of these projects cannot be disclosed at this moment in time until the release of the movie due to NDA rules and regulations, but eyes peeled the titles will be listed soon.

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