Ben Loyd-Holmes

Ben Loyd-Holmes is a UK based Artist.


Ben Loyd-Holmes was born on April 28, 1981 in London, England. He is an actor and producer, known for Skyfall (2012), Extinction (2014) and Breaking Down (2014).
A keen sportsman of a high level. He is a fully qualified Rock Climbing instructor, Martial Arts instructor, Scuba Divemaster, horseman, Swimmer, Boxer, Fencer, to name but a few. Though he doesn’t teach he often competes. He has fought under BMAI, WAKO and PKA is part of the MLT/BMC, PADI and many others. Ben is an award winning producer (AHM – 2012 – Best Feature Film – the Film Guild, British Horror Festival). In addition to his movie career Ben is also an entrepreneur, owning several successful businesses all based in the UK. He regularly gives speeches on entrepreneurship and starts ups at premiere venues including Imperial College London. Ben also gives alot of time and resources to charities both personally and through his businesses and is known to support Great Ormand St, Click Sargent, Cruelty Free International, The Conservation & Welfare Society and is an ambassador of Jackie Chan’s charity, JCDH. He also provides advice and support for young people through Future Frontiers.

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