Barbara Nedeljakova

Barbara Nedeljakova is a Czech Republic based Artist.


Barbara Nedeljakova is a Czech-Slovak actress and director, who studied and trained at Famu University in Prague. Barbara started out in Czech TV and played small roles in films such as Doom and Shanghai Nights. Her budding career skyrocketed in 2005 when she starred in the critically acclaimed horror film, Hostel, taking on the pivotal role, Natalia, in a performance that elevated Hostel to a universal smash hit. Since then, she’s continued to star in roles, working alongside Quentin Tarantino, Andrew Howard, Donald Sutherland, and William Fichtner in major films that include Children of the Corn, Isle of Dogs and the TV series, Crossing Lines. Look for Barbara in the soon to be released thriller, Sky Sharks (2019), where she stars as Angelique.

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