Eddy Mackenzie

Eddy Mackenzie is a UK based Artist

IMDB: https://imdb.com/name/nm7062835

Born in London before moving to Inverness aged ten, Eddy is currently a Glasgow based Actor, Comedian, and Musician with a very perplexing accent.
He has been a working actor since 2014, and started performing musical comedy in July 2019, really getting into the swing of things before he was forced to take a short break. Returning to the stage in 2021, he soon found himself in the regional finals of the BBC New Comedy Awards as well as appearing as a contestant on Channel 4’s “I Literally Just Told You”, which garnered him much media attention as part of a very exciting episode!
His acting work over the years has mostly been theatrical, appearing in several open-air productions with Scottish Theatre Company “Folksy Theatre”, including in “Wind in the WIllows” as Mr Toad, and “Twelfth Night” as Sir Toby Belch, touring around the UK as part of a troupe of actors.
In Glasgow he has appeared in various small productions, such as collaborating with friends on pieces of new theatre, as well as adaptations of classic works like “Crime and Punishment”.
He’s also enjoyed some work as a voice artist, most recently lending his dulcet tones to an advert for a local underwear company!
Now appearing in perhaps his biggest role to date as Piglet in “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2”, Eddy is very excited to bring this character to life and join the exciting world of this modern cult-classic movie series.
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