Maria Lee Metheringham

Maria Lee Metheringham is a UK based Artist/Director.



Maria Lee Metheringham is an Actress, Director and Writer from Yorkshire. As an actress she has appeared as lead in a number of low budget feature films across many genres, usually Horror, Action and Thriller in baddass, strong, tough female roles. To name a few – ‘Mask of Thorn’, ‘Enter the Cage’, ‘Scarlet Cross: Agents of Death’, ‘Pumpkins’, ‘Remember Remember ‘, ‘Attack of the Adult Babies’.  As a Director she first started out making a number of shorts which soon branched out into full features of very obscure, lynchian inspired storylines and themes,  which were released Worldwide. Her most successful were ‘The Photographer:Inside the Mind of a Psycho’ and the sequel ‘Inside the Dark Room’. She has recently completed her first 80s inspired Horror Slasher movie titled ‘Pumpkins’ which is due to be released in 2018 and currently doing the rounds on the film festival circuit. Out of the film industry Maria is co lead singer for band Great Northern Hotel and a part time Model who has appeared at various conventions as cozplay Tomb Raider – Lara Croft.

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