Mat Fraser


Mat Fraser is a UK/US based Artist.

Mat Fraser has been an actor on stages and screens for 23 years, a writer for 15, a drummer for 30 years, and a disability advocate all his life. He’s best known for his popular character Paul the Illustrated Seal in “American Horror Story: Freak Show”, and has just finished his role of Raymond Van Gerrit in the BBC’s “His Dark Materials”, due out in 2020.  As well as playing the regular character of Roger on US TV’s addictive comedy “Loudermilk”, the last year’s work on TV and film also include Channel 4’s “Kiri”, and “Jerusalem”. Mat is also a big horror fan and actor/writer, and is in the horror films “Chemical Wedding” &  “Inbred”. Past TV work included series “Cast Offs”, BBC’s “The Fades”, “Holby City” and much more. In 2012 he drummed with Coldplay for the paralympics ceremony. For more info on Mat an his work, go, Mat Fraser Fbk, & follow him on Twitter, @mat_fraser, or Instagram @mflidfraser

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