Chris Bell

Chris Bell is a UK based Artist.


Chris Bell was Born in Woolwich, London in 1984. After studying Performing Arts at The Miskin Theatre in Kent, Chris has become a regular face on TV and the independent film circuit. Along with the acting Chris has produced and written a number of films to date. His South-East London upbringing inspired him to write some of the hooligangster films, along with casting many of his childhood buddies in his first independent feature Three Stops Down from Plaistow (commercially released as Hooligans at War: North vs South. Chris teamed up with Steven M. Smith to finish the film and bring it to its current running time. The film was made without a budget and went to No. 1 in the HMV DVD charts. Chris continued his relationship with SMITH for another two features which followed in the No. 1 spot: Essex Boys Law of Survival and lastly I am Hooligan.

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