Glenn Salvage

Glenn Salvage is a UK based Artist.


Glenn Salvage was born in 1975 and brought up in Brighton, on England’s south coast. A happy home life with his father, a painter and decorator, hairdresser mother and brother contrasted with a lack of enthusiasm for school life. He actively disliked drama classes at school because he was shy and not keen to perform or be noticed. But in 1993 he was introduced to Brighton-based media students Ross Boyask and Philip Hobden, who were on the lookout for a martial arts actor to appear in a short film The Gauntlet. In much of Salvage’s early work, his martial arts skills have frequently been a significant part of his characterisations. Through this connection with Boyask he worked on a number of short films between 1993 and 2000, eventually taking the lead role in Left for Dead (2003).


In the same year he also worked on his first film with director Howard J. Ford, playing a pub extra in Mainline Run (1993) with Hugo Speer in the lead role. Salvage spent the next few years gathering experience through small roles and graduated to speaking lines. Despite his earlier reluctance to perform, he discovered he enjoyed being on camera and developing his acting skills. A larger role came in 1999 in Distant Shadow, again shot in Brighton, where he played a government agent. There followed small non-speaking parts for Salvage on UK television programmes, such as Identity and Being Human. Frustrated with not being able to show his skills as an actor and fight performer, Salvage continued searching for the perfect platform to do so.


Also for Howard J. Ford, in The Dead (2010), he had the brief but memorable part of a mercenary fighting in Africa, who shot himself on realising there was no escape from infection by the undead. The film won awards and was commercially released, and also seen on Blu-ray and UK television. In 2013 he played a gang member in Vendetta, which starred Danny Dyer.


Never Let Go was shot in Marrakesh and Palma in 2014 and was released in the UK by Icon Films in 2016 and in the USA by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment in August 2017. It won the National Film Award for best independent film, ahead of Carol, Rise of the Footsoldier: Part 2 and The Gunman. This also was directed by Ford and Salvage had a central role as Dimitri, one of the abductors of the daughter of Lisa Brennan, played by Angela Dixon.


He next took the title role in Aux (2016), working with veteran actor John Rhys Davies, scheduled for commercial release in the UK in November 2017. Extensive use of prosthetics demanded Salvage spend 6 hours in make-up. The forest locations were very cold in the British winter and Salvage specially credits the catering team with providing excellent support in the form of hot food. The part of Jez in Essex Heist (2016) was specially written for Salvage by Steve Lawson, whom he had previously worked with on The Silencer (2007). The DVD of the film went straight to No. 1 in the HMV DVD charts.


Most recently he has been shooting Beyond Fury with Darren Ward, starring Italian horror legend Giovanni Lombardo Radice, for UK distribution in 2018. In addition to his work as an actor, Salvage has been a supportive mentor working in mental health, providing inspiration, direction and technical advice to creative people looking to express themselves through film and animation.

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