Joanna Andr

Joanna Andr is a UK based Artist.


Joanna was born on the 19th of December 1982. She speaks fluent English and Greek and has the ability to do many accents.
Joanna is an actress dedicated to imaginative/gripping interpretations,has the Ability to be original and convincing – versatility on demand.
Joanna is passionate and talented seeking exciting acting roles, to expand acting skills and demonstrate the potential.
She is known for being in various films that follow below:

2018 ”The Code” WW2 by award winner director Patrick Ryder written by Cheryl Neve as Vera Carter.

2017-2018”Clued up film” by Callan Allen, Vesio productions as Jane.

2017-2018This is life by Benny Bereal as ”Jessica Jane”
2017 ”Autopsy: The last hours of James Brown” ITV as ”Adrienne Brown his wife”.

2017 ”Positive Result” by Alasdair Mcwilliams and Andrew Cant as ”Carrie”

2016 Featured as angry mum in the queue for “Three mobile Xmas Ad” 2016 worked with fulwell 73 /commercial

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