Mark Sears

Mark Sears is a UK based Artist.


Mark Sears was born in Herefordshire in 1985, growing up he always knew in his heart that acting and Martial arts was what he really wanted to dedicate his life to. after many years of training he qualified as a Chief instructor in Qi Kwan Do and went on to run martial arts  schools for nearly 7 years , mastering his craft and teaching hundreds of students over this time,in 2017 he was recently inducted into ‘ The Martial Arts Illustrated magazine Hall of Fame ‘.  Mark also studied acting for 5 years and graduated his university in 2008, since then he has been travelling the world training on intensive courses with Hollywood acting coach Bernard Hiller, Mark has has been appeared in over 30 movies in the past 4 years working in a number of genres incuding drama and comedy but mainly known for his action roles putting his martial arts to use as a screen fighter and fight choreographer, most recently playing Wolverine in 3 fan films including ‘Spiderman 2 Another World ‘ to be released later this year, Mark is also set to play the lead role in up and coming feature film ‘Manhunt Follow the White Rabbit ‘ based on the Rockstar games video game ‘Manhunt ‘.

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