Jake Francis

Jake Francis is a UK based Artist.

IMDb: https://m.imdb.com/name/nm5128169/

Jake has always been fascinated with the Arts, in particular, writing, acting and filmmaking. Going from strength to strength in the film business, last year his film ‘Grandfather’, of which he was the lead and also edited, won awards at both the Birmingham Film Festival and the Hollywood International Film Festival.

He has worked with award-winning directors such as Patrick Ryder, with a Lead role in the film ‘In Flight’, and Lance Anthony Nielsen, cast as Richard Todd in the forthcoming feature war film ‘Pegasus Bridge’.

Over the years Jake has also been involved in many different creative ventures. He started Martial Arts at a young age, winning the Southern Championship in ’95, and has many years experience in various fighting disciplines, weapons, and fight choreography. He is also an avid archer, squash player and snowboarder, and played the drums in bands for a few years.

Jake has written several short films, is co-writer of the Plenty of Dishes series, and is also working on a Novel.

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