Carl Toop

Carl Toop is a European based Artist


Carl Toop is a British performer,is best known for his role as The Alien Warrior in the Oscar winning film “Aliens”,directed by James Cameron and starring Sigourney Weaver.
He has had a very successful dancing career in t.v and theatres throughout Britain and Europe. Including;
My Fair Lady (Ashcroft theatre).
Call Me Madam ( Victoria Palace).
The Magic Castle (Cambridge Theatre).
Jumpers by Tom Stoppard (Aldwych Theatre).
Carl was also a principal dancer in the international dance group “Second Generation” with the choreographer and director Dougie Squires.
He, himself,went onto choreographing and appearing in shows in Britain and the Caribbean.
He is now living in France,working as a chef for his own company and enjoying meeting his fans on both sides of the Atlantic.
La Vie est Belle!


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