Denis Khoroshko

Denis Khoroshko is a UK based Artist.



Life and career

Khoroshko was born on December 16, 1979, in Belarus and grown up in Russia and now resides in London.

His father, Ivan Khoroshko, and his mother, Tamara Khoroshko are artists. Young Denis Khoroshko studied acting in Russian acting school in Saratov (Russia). Also he took part in a few singing competitions, he is a singer and can play guitar and piano. In 2005 he moved to London to continue his film career. Denis Khoroshko made his debut in feature film Are you ready for love. Since then he took part in various projects: short films, commercials, music videos and feature films including Tinker Taylor Soldier SpyQuartet , REVSpooksYou, Me and the Apocalypse.
Denis Khoroshko also made appearances on London stage at Russian London Theatre RITS in the leading role of Balzaminov in play “Balzaminov’s Marriage”, and as Reverend Parris in musical Witchcraft  (Broadway theatre London) and play “Lysastrata”. He is writer and producer of comedy series “Dennis the Russian”. This project also has been shown on Cartoon Network. Also he appeared at Graham Norton Show with Joan Rivers and Alicia Silverstone and many other TV shows. He has done voice over for “Battlefield-3” game, BBC-4 radio series Ambridge Extra part of the long-running radio drama The Archers.

Outside of his acting profession, Denis Khoroshko enjoys traveling. He visited more then 65 countries. He published various books and articles about travelling. 


Selected filmography

  • Сrown  (2017) as Russian Captain
  • McMafia (2017) as Moscow detention center guard
  • Call the midwive  (TV series) (2017)  as seaman  
  • War machine (2015) as German governor Schmidt
  • SS-GB (TV series) (2015) as Ss NCO Hans
  • Toast of London (TV series) (2015) as David Hockney
  • You, Me And The Apocalypse (TV series) (2015) as Mirinov
  • Siblings-II  (TV-series) (2015) as Oliver
  • Russian roulette (2014)  as Ahmatov
  • Rev (TV series) (2013) as Dennis
  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2012) as Russian priest
  • Bunking off  (2012)  as Alexey
  • I will Deliver (Music video Joel Sarakula) (2012) as Victor
  • Commercial for Heineken (2012) as Russian soldier       
  • Anna Karenina (2011) as Russian banker
  • Quartet (Director Dustin Hoffman) (2011) as Tadek
  • Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy (2010) as Ivan
  • Rev (TV series) (2010) as Dennis
  • Deserter (2010) as Timur Lebedev  
  • Spooks (TV series) (2010) as Spy
  • Twitter movie (2009) as Bob Kean
  • Mr. Titchychev (2009) as Russian mobster Titchychev  
  • Solito (2009) as Paval  
  • What you need (Music video Tiga) (2009)   
  • True story: The hunt for Red October. Reconstruction for Channel 5 UK (2009) as Russian navy soldier.
  • The dark knight (2007) as Joker`s gang
  • Reminiscence (2007) as Dimitri
  • The IT Crowd (TV series) (2007)  as Eastern European
  • Are you ready for love (2006) as Skate dater



Voice overs and Russian dubbing

  • You, Me And The Apocalypse (2016) as Mirinov
  • The Devil’s Harvest (2014)  as Ukrainians 02/12/2014
  • Ambridge extra (BBC Radio drama) (2013)  as Vitaly  
  • Game Battlefield-3 (2011) as soldier  
  • Strike (2017)  Animated feature film. As Russian taxi driver.




  • Secret cinema. The Third man. (2011) as General Brodsky
  • Musical Witchcraft (Broadway theatre London) (2010) as  Reverend Parris
  • Balzaminov’s Marriage (2010)  (Theatre RITS London)  Performed on 2nd International Theatre Festival MOLDFEST.RAMPA.RU in Moldova December 2010
  • Sinderfella (2008)  as Dandini  
  • Lysastrata (2008) as Stratyllis   
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