Mem Ferda

Mem Ferda is a UK based Artist.


Mem Ferda is an established British Screen Actor and International Award Winning Film Producer with
over 23 years industry experience. Born October 1963, in South West London, this talented son of a
Turkish Agricultural Minister became fascinated with the art of acting from a very young age.
Having landed many TV roles and commercial work through a local agent whilst still in education, it was
not until he had achieved a BSc Honors degree in Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Business
Administration (M.B.A.), that he went on to act professionally after graduating from the prestigious
The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), with a Postgraduate Diploma in Classical Acting.
His pulsating enthusiasm to perfect his craft, led to further classes at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic
Art), and to further workshops and explorations into various acting techniques.

Over the span of his impressive career to date, Mem has achieved no less than one hundred Film and
Television credits. His dedication to his craft and continually expanding Filmography, has resulted in building
a formidable Fan-Base across Europe and in the US.

Mem’s charming and hypnotic presence on screen has seen him star alongside Hollywood ‘A’ list stars.
Equally comfortable as hero or villain, he has appeared with Ray Liotta and Jason Statham in Guy Ritchie’s
‘Revolver’ (2005), alongside Idris Elba in ‘Legacy’ (2010), with Dominic Cooper in the sensational ‘The Devils
Double’ (2011) and with Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette in ‘Miss You Already’ (2015).

Mem is bilingual, speaking English and Turkish fluently. He is a master of Eastern European and American
accents as well as native regional English accents. At 6 ft 2′ with a powerful physique and rugged appeal, he
often commands audiences into dangerous places of gangsters, psychopaths and killers, ‘having such allure
that leads one to believe he has the word ‘charisma’ tattooed across his chest’.

Mem’s real life background, is as colorful, as some of the characters he leaves burnt into our memories.
As a child he witnessed an assassination attempt on his father, as a student he was held at the Serbian
border as a suspected drug smuggler, and in Istanbul he was threatened at gunpoint. During his rebellious
teens, he narrowly avoided being the getaway driver in a real life heist! Through sheer luck he also cheated
death from the Marchioness disaster of 1989.

He’s life experience has been invaluable in bringing audiences such authentic characters in each and every
performance. Such appetite for more from fans, will now be realized, as we see Mem in lead roles in genre
films Hard Tide (2015), Smoking Guns (2016) and London Heist (2017).

Mem is now set for headlining in two exciting thrillers as a leading man, Jailbird (2019) and Gunfather (2020).
Mem is truly compassionate about his craft and in helping others to succeed.

He is also an active and generous supporter of many international charities.

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