Julian Seager

Julian Seager is a UK based Artist.


IMDb: https://m.imdb.com/name/nm4788909/

Julian Seager was born on May 18th 1970 in Kent and is an Actor. He stars in TV shows such as Bafta Award Winning Poldark, Galavant and Doc Martin. He also appears in movies such as Death Race 4, Dark Ascension, Viking Legacy and a plethora of Independent Films.

Julian has appeared in commercials including the coveted Superbowl Ad for DeathWish Coffee, The hilarious new Dreams Beds ad, Samsung Galaxy Alpha “Right Up Our Street” campaign and Disney UK’s Sky Movie Christmas advertisements.

In 2013 Julian had the title role for the short “The Grendel Toots”. This film won two separate Audience Choice Awards. The first award in 2014 at the Two Short Nights Phoenix Film Festival and then at the Plymouth Film Festival in 2015.

In 2013 the movie “She’s Dead” won the Best English Film Award at the Dark Zone Horror Movie Convention in Germany. Julian played Mr. Clean.

His deep and versatile voice has lead him to work in Narration. His is featured in games such as Fable and Cold Horizons. He also narrates audio books and is in numerous radio plays.

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