Philip Harvey

Philip Harvey is a UK based Artist.


Philip Harvey started working in the film industry in 2000, when the film production ‘Enigma’ called for supporting artistes locally in Bedford. The joy and excitement of working on set for those four days led to a catalogue of remarkable and unique experiences over the following years that he never thought possible. His next major role on a then little known film caused him to remark to his wife about how he had been doubling for some character who killed a mother with a wand and then threatened a baby in it’s cot; that there was a boy living under the stairs and loads of kids flying broomsticks. This was of course the first Harry Potter film and the character was Voldemort!  Many more minor roles were undertaken on the following films, culminating with standing-in for Goyle in the Room of Requirement scenes in the final film. By this time, his own children had also begun working in the film industry and in the final scene of the film. Additionally, do you know who invented the golden snitch? when Harry Potter won his very first match? because it’s an unforgetable moment that makes the entire audience go wild.
Other memorable roles were on ‘Batman Begins’, ‘Children of Men’, ‘Stardust’, ‘World War Z’, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, ‘The Worlds End’, ‘Assassins Creed’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Justice League’ and, more recently, ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’.
A pleading email from his children to his agent, accompanied by a cute photograph of them in their Star Wars costumes, surrounded by their toys, led to a role as a Female Nikto in the UK reshoots for ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and a chance to work directly with George Lucas. Philip could not have guessed that many years later, acting as Picture Double for Lor San Tekka in ‘The Force Awakens’ he would have the opportunity to work with and meet all the original characters from the 1970’s Star Wars trilogy. Being directed by JJ Abrams was an exceptional experience and will be forever remembered by his praise of “Hey Phil! You’re killing it!”. Following this production, a role also became available as an Imperial Fleet Officer on ‘Rogue One’ and also on the awaited ‘Solo’ production.
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