Rebecca Grant

Rebecca Grant is a UK based Artist.


Rebecca Grant is mainly known for playing series regular ‘Daisha Anderson’ in BBC1’s Bafta award winning program, Holby City and Shaheen Wazir in Tiger Aspect’s ‘Prisoners Wives II’. She received an award for ‘Best Actress in a lead role’ at the International Filmmakers Festival for World Cinema in an Independent Movie called ‘Kristina’. She has just finished playing the lead in ‘Chakara’ a film by Laidback Films starring opposite Ben Richards, Kasia Nossier and Rez Kempton.

Rebecca has had a succession of compelling and challenging theatrical roles and received many rave reviews in national newspapers. These included ‘Nurse Flynn’ in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ , ‘Magic Wanda’ in Immodesty and Walter’s Burlesque!’ and ‘Tagores Women’ for Kali Theatre and ‘Bombay Dreams’ all in the heart of London’s West-end. She was cast as ‘Viola’ in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night at The Royal in Northampton then called back a few months later to play the feisty American-Canadian rebel ‘Jean’ in JB Priestly’s ‘The Glass Cage’. Throughout her extensive theatrical and TV roles she has had the pleasure of working opposite Robert Powell, Patsy Kensit, Christian Slater, Eddie Izzard and Martin Freeman.

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