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Tommie Vegas is a US based Artist

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Tommie Vegas was born Tommie Lee Vasquez to parents Tommy Vasquez and Sandra Lee Vasquez in Downey, California. Tommie spent the first three years of her life in El Monte, California before her family packed up and moved to Las Vegas, NV where she spent her childhood.


Tommie Vegas was never a stranger to the entertainment world as her mother had her in several baby pageants before she even turned one. At 7 years old, she was involved with gymnastics and jumped at the chance to perform in every single recital! Come middle school time, she was involved with choir and lived for the end of the year Disney musical they’d perform. Tommie was also introduced to dance during this time, so in high school she auditioned and joined the school’s dance team and performed all over with them and was even selected to perform as an American All-Star dance member from the American All Star Dance Company. Tommie also joined her church’s theater group during this time. That was the first moment she realized all she had done with gymnastics, singing and dance … no matter what, there was acting involved. She knew right then and there acting was her one true path.


Tommie believes she was born with performing in her blood, as she is cousin to Pat Vegas and Lolly Vegas. Pat and Lolly are the front-men of the first All-Native American rock band famously known as, “Redbone”. Being a registered member of The Chemehuevi Indian Tribe and inspired by her cousin’s hard work and dedication to their Native (Yaqui) and entertainment roots, Tommie felt it was significant to carry on the Vegas name to her acting career. Tommie wishes to open more doors for Native Americans, to inspire Native actors and filmmakers and to show the beauty that is held within Native American culture, all while breaking the Native American stereotype!


Tommie Vegas is a multi-ethnic, California-born actor who is currently taking the film community by storm.


Tommie filmed a principal and stunt role opposite Elijah Wood in brothers’ Alex and Ben Brewer’s newest film, “The Trust”. In March 2016 it had it’s world premier at SXSW Film Festival in Texas and will be shown in theaters as well as numerous VOD sources soon after it’s festival run.


Tommie also made her way to Texas as she was cast in Troy Escamilla’s (Fright Meter Awards) teen slasher “Party Night”. Tommie portrays high school senior Molly, who is used to getting what she wants, when she wants – especially from her boyfriend Travis… and prom night will be no different! Will Tommie survive and make it until morning? We’re going to have to wait to find out! Tommie has recently been nominated for Best Actress at The San Antonio Horrific Film Festival for her work on “Party Night”.


She has also completed a nail biting flick with director Albert Pyun on his experimental one-take film. YES! I said ONE TAKE! The entire full length feature was shot in one continuous take. No cuts, no edits! Just raw, continuous filming – found footage style! The film, “The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper” stars Tommie Vegas as Cheryl Cooper, alongside actor/filmmaker Shane Ryan as Detective Ben, and newcomer Brittany Bochart as Deputy Bardo. Tommie took home the “Best Actress” award at The Pollygrind Underground Film Festival in October 2014 for her work on “The Interrogation of Cheryl  Cooper”. In continuing her relationship with Director Albert Pyun, Tommie recently worked on his newest film “Interstellar Civil War”, previously known as “Star Warfare Rangers and The Cyborg Witch of Endor” as one of the leading members of The Bu-Tess sisterhood, An-Jo. Up next for Tommie and Albert’s journey is a wild, action packed tale called, “Bad Ass Angels”. More details to come!


Tommie Vegas and Interrogation co-star Shane Ryan continue to work together on various projects since, and recently filmed “American Virus” for the “Virus of The Dead” anthology to be released later this year alongside Kathryn Eastwood (daughter of Clint Eastwood).


Tommie also joined forces with Mike Lenzini and Black Pines Productions to create a dark tale called, Manscaping, which will be part of the World of Death (Bloody-Disgusting’s newest web series) compilation in association with Scotchworthy Films and JP3 Media. Manscaping will be seen as Episode No.5 on Bloody-Disgustings web series Youtube channel. Tommie and Mike came together again recently, along with director Darren Flores and actor Blake Farris in, “Signal” for Project Greenlight.


Just recently, Tommie completed a stellar role as Tara in, “Axemas 2: Blood Slay” which is part two in the Christmas-horror themed trilogy and will be gearing up with the same team to work on, “The Bread of Wickedness”, a dark tale of socialite cannibals! And if you follow closely, you will see Tommie partake in, “Another Evil Night” which is the direct sequel to 90s cult classic, “Evil Night”.


In a more lighthearted nature, you can find Tommie opposite child-actor Brady Bond in fun, micro-short horror flick, “Nite Nite”. “Nite Nite” is currently on the festival circuit playing all around the world and receiving large amounts of recognition from many online publications for it’s great acting, direction, cinematography and over-all “Awesomenes!”