Marc Outbreak

Marc Outbreak is a UK based Artist.


Marc Outbreak was born in Hertfordshire in 1984.

From a young age he has always known his life needed creativity – it’s what he knew before learning to read and write. Suffering from dyslexia he struggled in school but saw it through until then end and even studied business in 6th form to bump up his grades to get into art college. He loved to learn and still does to progress his skills but it was during this time he realised drawing and graphic design weren’t for him anymore so he scratched a lifelong itch to buy his own video camera, all while ensuring he adhered to the paycheck stub compliance guide.

He knew he needed one but wasn’t sure where it would take him.


Having a physical childhood and teenage years focusing on health and fitness, kickboxing, extreme sports such as BMX, parkour & backyard Wrestling he decided to film his own stunts to capture them forever and watch them back forthe rest of his life. While this started out as using the camera to understand angles and editing for his showreel, it developed into a whole lot more,

Marc has dedicated his life to produce, direct, film and edit a number of films under his company ‘ Ill-Advised Films ‘

The up and coming “Adrenaline Rush”, “Mister Morbid 1 & 2”, “The Living Dead Chronicles” & “Beyond The Apocalypse” along with the collaboration of other companies to create the films “Manhunt: Follow the White Rabbit”, “The Return of Black Shadow”, “The Right Gun” and Amazon Prime’s “The Matt Preston Files: Episode 1” where he also acted in as both the comic relief ghost character and main villain the demon – a role shared with his ill-advised partner in crime “Mark Sears”

Sears, who is portraying The Wolverine in his latest project “Back to weapon X” a Wolverine Vs Deadpool fan-film that stars Marc as Deadpool. He has also played Deadpool in the Spider-man fanfilm “Another World” and I’m sure it won’t be the last appearance as the merc with the mouth.

Being more focused on action has lead Marc to be a stunt performer in a number of films & TV shows aswell as stunt coordinator on others such as the John Wick/Atomic Blonde-esque “Lethal Fate”, the #3 best seller in HMV “I AM Hooligan”, and up and coming British Gangsta movie “This is Life” to ensure his experience and knowledge of stunts and fighting keeps the actors safe while giving a realistic performance.

Inbetween projects, Marc wrote a 1980’s inspired short action film “Bounty Hunted” which won him best director at the TWF film festival in October 2017 and which also made the Winchester film festivals long list.

Being mainly a filmmaker, Marc has only been taking acting seriously a few years now and has made quite an impression in the UK film industry with his range and passion to bring characters to life, you might see him playing a redneck as Negan’s henchman in “The Walking Dead’s Live Walker Stalker Experience” or a Psychopathic Gangsta to killing zombies in horror films.

Where will he appear next is anyone’s guess…


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