Velton Liske

Velton Liske is a UK based Artist.


Velton J Lishke a 43 year old from Harrogate – North Yorkshire, with a CV thicker than the yellow pages, Velton spent most of his early life going from one job to another as he just couldn’t seem to find his passion. Deep down he always longed to be an actor, but thought that was just a pipe dream – until eventually he signed up to an extras’s agency in 2003 at the mature age of 29.

Over the years he dabbled in and out of the industry until 2011 when he decided to give it 100% and walked out of his full time job. He also quit being an extra as he vowed to be so much more. He spent the next few years travelling round doing acting jobs all around the UK for free – or just expenses only in a bid to learn his craft.

In 2014 he finally gained entry in to the prestigious spotlight registry and soon after got a professional agent. After this, he thought it would be plain sailing – but he was wrong. Sitting every day waiting for the phone to ring became very daunting, you could have a great acting job then nothing for 6 months.  

In 2015 he decided to write and produce and direct his first short film ‘Blue’. this managed to get in to 11 different festivals around the world and pick a few awards. From there he has made nearly ten short films and music videos picking up several awards for acting , writing and directing along the way – while still learning with every production he makes.

Looking to the future he wants to move into feature films and make himself a household name.

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