Marcus Langford

Marcus Langford is a UK based Artist.


Marcus was born in Leicester in 1981 and growing up he lived with his two sisters and mother on the out skirts of the city in Glen Parva. This was I until he was 11 years old when under tragic circumstances he was taken into care. The trouble is he was experiencing at this age was all due to the fact he had lost his father when he was 8 years old. This meant he had to grow up fast and before even left school he had his first flat on the St Matthew’s estates known for being one of the worst in the city. Struggling to make ends meet and he was in and out of jobs until he was 19 years old when he met the mother of his children. It was at this point he settle down and became a window fitter for the next 10 years but this didn’t feed his creativity and he just wasn’t happy so he decided to give it all up and go back to college to pursue a passion in carpentry and joinery. It was at this point Marcus was again struggling by in his day-to-day life he stopped by for a chat with a long-term friend and martial art teacher kwoklyn Wan. Marcus believes he own everything to him because of the help and encouragement given to him at that time. Marcus always had one dream and kwoklyn helped him find away of making that dream come true by setting up a casting company. Marcus then spent many years doing anything and everything him could in the industry to gain the valuable onset experience that was needed for him to push forward from doing background and SA work to take on more featured roles. This is where Marcus’s experience in in Martial Arts and stage combat helped him secure some fantastic roles alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. After spending five years within the industry and co-writing a feature film he decided to buy all of his home equipment and to invest into a film studio In the Coalville area of the city.

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