Sabine Crossen

Sabine Crossen is a France/UK based Artist.


Sabine Crossen is a bilingual actress (French mother, American father) who was born in the United States but grew up in NZ. When she was 20 years old she moved to Paris to study acting at the Actorat Dramatic Arts College where she landed her first role playing the Virgin Mary.


Sabine’s first role in a feature film was playing an Elf in Lord Of The Rings.


In 2003 she had her first lead role portraying Kim Lee in the independent feature film Shadow Girl that won several awards; Platinum Award Houston (USA) and Thessaloniki (Greece) Best Image.


During this time Sabine was also on the prime time Canal+ Hypershow presenting stars like David Bowie, John Malkovitch, The Cranberries and Adrien Brody.


She has written songs for several compilation albums winning 3 gold discs.


In 2005 after playing the Rita in Surface Sensible the blockbuster The Brice Man (starring Jean Dujardin star of The Artist) came out where she plays his young mother-in-law.


During this time Sabine also presented for the Alcatel web TV filming in France and Spain over several years.


2006 brought In Memoriam II: The Last Ritual (In Memoriam won the 2003 best game award world), which gave her the lead role of Jessica Moses. Filming took place in Canada, USA, Portugal, Scotland and France.


Then in 2007 Sabine played the lead female part of the alien Dragonfly Fairy in Car Academy, also interpreting the song “Superman” for the original soundtrack. The DVD won a double diamond disc in France.


Sabine then discovered motion capture and had the opportunity to play in several video games; Heavy Rain, Red Steel 2, Lana Del Rey. She then had the privilege of playing June in the game that became the film Hitman with Timothy Olyphant and Olga Kurylenko.


3 years later she seduces Philippe Lellouche and Franck Dubosc in the movie Bienvenue A Bord (Welcome A Bord)


In 2012 things start to accelerate for Sabine who flies to Hong Kong and China to film S.O.L.I.I.D a pre-quel for the feature film where she will play the lead of a dangerous android. She then returns to Hong Kong to film the role of Joan in The Borderland starring Seydina Baldé.


Back in Paris she films Le Grand Méchant Loup (The Big Bad Wolf) playing a naughty dominatrix and then the role of a reporter in Crossing Lines directed by Daniel Percival and finally a Texan facing Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson in The Love Punch. Out in 2013.


2014 saw Sabine travel back to Hong Kong to film as Joan in director Mathieu Weschler’s debut film Couvert Operation. She also filmed in Rosemary’s Baby an NBC TV series.


In 2015 Sabine played the role of Freya in Predator Dark Ages, a fan film which has today 1.9 million vues on YouTube. She learnt how to use a bow and arrow for this role and looks a little like Orlando Blooms character in L.O.T.R, Legolas. Two other short films Spavento and award winning Blue-Eyed Me finished the year.


Her first role in a horror feature film S.H.C.I.A.W as the bad girl Ana was shot in March/April 2016 written and directed by Simon P. Edward with award winning D.O.P Andrew Martin. This involved on screen fight scenes with a lot of action and FX. Family comedy It’s All About The Manners shot in 2016 in the UK is a film about the Manners adopting 2 chaotic boys that turn the kingdom of Barland upside down. Sabine plays the role of Jenny Manners.


Sabine is the brand ambassador for Chablis 2012 alongside Plus Belle La Vie Star Ambroise Michel. Sabine was an official jury member of the International Crime Film Festival in Liège 2013. She has won 10 awards for her short film L’amour Rend Aveugle (Love Is Blind)

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